Jairo Valverde was born in Vigo, in 1987. He was born in a family of artists, and that made him get the Fine Arts Graduate in 2010 and being always united to a pencil and a paper. Also, he is graduated as a web designer since 2011.

Illustration has been always his passion. Fantasy (medieval, epic) is his most common theme, next to artistic nude. Erotism and female forms are very current, as woman is the protagonist of all his artwork. He likes to show her with a great force to face the world around her but also with delicated beauty showing her human condition. Otherwise, he works artistic nude with gentleness and serene harmony under classical themes as mithology.
On the other hand, he always find a place to other styles that he loves, as Sci-Fi or classical portrait.

In 2016, music composer Jesús Díez released his newest symphonic metal album Mono No Aware (closely influenced by japanese tradition), in which Jairo Valverde create the artworks for cover and booklet inlays. You can get your copy here.

Jairo Valverde works making commisions as illustrator, portraitist and other graphic and web design projects, along with his personal projects that is opening the way gradually into the illustration's world.