I am a spanish artist, born in Vigo, Galicia where I currently live. As an artist I grew up holding a pencil. My best influences were my mum, grandparents and Walt Disney movies. I owe them my eternal taste for fantasy. In 2010 I graduated in Fine Arts and in 2011 as a web designer.

My passion had been always illustration. Most recurring theme is fantasy, with some erotism. Woman is the main character, playing different roles: from powerful warriors to delicate nymphs and mysterious sirens, just to feature a detailed anatomy study. In addition I use to make fogs and mists to create environments and it's characteristic the use of black and white.

In 2016, music composer Jesús Díez released his newest symphonic metal album Mono No Aware (closely influenced by japanese tradition), for which I created the artworks for cover and booklet inlays.

In 2018 I realized the cover artwork for the newest novel by German writer Philipp Schmidt titled Kriegshörner (Die Klingensturm-Chroniken 1).

Actually I still continue my artistic career, making commissions, my own projects and exhibitions. Here in this website you can buy prints of my artwork and ask me for a commission or any project you want to propose.